RPC interface

#include <simpleRPC.h>

See the Usage section for a full description of the RPC interface.


template<class ...Ts>
void interface(Stream &io, Ts... args)

RPC interface.

The args parameter pack is a list of pairs (function pointer, documentation). The documentation string can be of type char const*, or the PROGMEM F() macro can be used to reduce memory footprint.

  • io – Stream.

  • args – Parameter pairs (function pointer, documentation).

template<class ...Ts, class ...Us>
void interface(Tuple<Ts...> t, Us... args)

Multiple RPC interfaces.

Similar to the standard interface , but with support for multiple I/O interfaces, passed as Tuple t.

See also

interface(Stream&, Ts…)

  • tTuple of input / output objects.

  • args – Parameter pairs (function pointer, documentation).